Èlise Devoie

    Èlise Devoie

    PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Waterloo (Supervisors: William Quinton & James Craig)

    Thesis: Regional hydrological modelling in the discontinuous permafrost zone

    Thawing permafrost will drastically change the hydrology in discontinuous permafrost zones by increasing surface and subsurface hydrologic connectivity and causing land subsidence [1]. The main objective of this research is to better understand the effects thawing permafrost will have on watershed-scale hydrological systems. Hydrological processes in the cold-regions environment have been studied and modelled in detail at the local catchment scale. However, the hydrological responses on a regional scale have not been modeled, and no software exists to extend cold-region predictions to this scale. The proposed research involves the development of a regional-scale model by augmenting the Raven hydrological framework (hydrological modeling software developed by J.R. Craig) with cold-region specific methods based on field studies and extensions of existing process-based hydrological models. The resulting model will be verified using field data collected in the discontinuous permafrost region, as well as water survey of Canada stream gauge data. The development of the proposed model will improve our ability to predict hydrological impacts of climate change in systems underlain by permafrost. It will lay a basis for rigorous, science-based decision-making on water resource management in cold regions.

    [1] Jorgenson, M and Ostermkamp, T (2005) Canadian Journal f Forest Research: Response of boreal ecosystems to varying modes of permafrost degradation in Alaska. Canadian Journal of Forest Research: 35(9), 2100-2111.


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